Look at this
You will not believe the things people are saying about Nicholai™

Does he really think he is better than you??

He enjoys a finer lifestyle than most

Nicholai is well known amongst his peers as a man who enjoys the finer things in life. Wether it be a morning mimosa in the most exotic of locales, or taking his yacht out for mild sightseeing, be assured that Nicholai is living well above what his means should be.

Is he seriously being that loud and inconsiderate?

Nicholai is well known to be a veracious party-dude who could potentially make others around him feel jealous for whatever made him so cool.

Someone who stood near him once:

  • "I cannot believe I actually witnessed his antics."

He will fight you online

If you honestly think you can do anything about this, you are wrong. Nicholai is trained by the finest of foreign operatives. He can take on any challange easily and silently, using his impressive and all-inclusive skillset.